From left: David Lacher, Michael Lewis, Kathleen Gill, Noam Bramson, Kim Martelli, Chris Selin, Don Ciota, Millie Radonjic-Ilich, seated, Chuck Strome in New Rochelle City Hall on 3/16/18

HPCG is awarded $250K from City of New Rochelle for Phase 3

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HPCG is awarded $250K from City of New Rochelle for Phase 3

PRESS RELEASE   City of New Rochelle Pledges $250K towards Phase 3 of Renovation/Restoration of Hudson Park Children's Greenhouse   March 16, 2018 New Rochelle, NY ...



City of New Rochelle Pledges $250K towards

Phase 3 of Renovation/Restoration of Hudson Park Children’s Greenhouse


March 16, 2018

New Rochelle, NY –

Contact: Millie Radonjic-Ilich (914) 654-1654;                  


On Friday, March 16th the City of New Rochelle pledged $250,000 to Hudson Park Children’s Greenhouse (HPCG) committee towards Phase 3 of the Restore/Replace Hudson Park Children’s Greenhouse project. In addition to the City Manager, in attendance representing the City of New Rochelle at this monumental meeting was Mayor Noam Bramson, Chief of Staff Corporate Counsel Kathleen Gill, and Deputy Finance Commissioner Michael Lewis.

HPCG President Milijana “Millie” Radonjic-Ilich was thankful for the award and said her group is eager to proceed with next steps. Project Architect and HPCG committee member, Kim Martelli was prepared to work with city staff to create bid documents. Project Attorney and HPCG committee member, David Lacher had recently finalized the legal agreement with the city.

The Hudson Park Children’s Greenhouse is a three building complex, including two historic greenhouses and a connecting link building. Their renovation/replacement is organized in three phases. The first phase is fully funded using monies raised by the HPCG committee, $250K from a New York State grant and $15K of City funding. The current plan involves the renovation and expansion of the link building, the replacement of the East Greenhouse and the restoration of the West Greenhouse.

Phase 1 – $310K – Site Stabilization and Link Building Expansion & Remodel –

Renovation and expansion of link building, stabilization of west greenhouse floor slab, construction of new interior footings and supports, new HVAC system and material cataloguing and storage of architectural elements for future reuse.

Phase 2 – $366K – East Greenhouse Reconstruction

Demolition of East greenhouse superstructure, re-pointing of existing masonry walls, installation and assembly of prefabricated greenhouse.

Phase 3 – $374K – West Greenhouse Restoration

On-site and off-site restoration of existing superstructure materials, reconstruction of original Lord & Burnham style superstructure, installation of West Greenhouse associated HVAC, electrical and irrigation systems.

The goal of the HPCG committee is to create a sustainable and vibrant greenhouse and activities program- a destination that enhances the development of Hudson Park, New Rochelle and Long Island Sound’s coastline for the enjoyment and benefit of New Rochelle’s children and community. The existing structures reinstated will provide a tremendous resource to the community and inspire future improvements throughout Hudson Park. On Sunday, April 22nd HPCG will host an Earth Day site cleanup event at the site with the assistance of people organized through Volunteers of New York. The group also hosts a summer yoga series that coincides with the summer concerts. Currently HPCG is running gardening programs for Trinity and Barnard students related to how seeds grow.

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