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Trinity 1st Graders Harvest their Crops

in Event by Karen Hessel

At Trinity the first graders successfully planted, tended and harvested a crop of carrots, lettuces, radishes, peas and other vegetables this Spring.  Under the direction of Joyce Kent and Naomi Gams-Towers the students used the one-foot gardening technique, using evenly spaced strings at 1' intervals.  Then each class planted the crops within their squares.  Students watered and weeded, with the help of HPCG leaders and their teachers.  In June the students happily harvested their crops and were delighted at the outcome.  The students had seen firsthand how seeds became vegetables.  During this project the students had also eaten salads that they had created.  Click here to view the photos.  This project was made possible by a grant from the New Rochelle Fund for Educational Excellence.