The Vision

About Us

Project Goals

Hudson Park Children’s Greenhouse is a sustainable and vibrant greenhouse with an activities program and event schedule for the New Rochelle children and community in Hudson Park. We opened our doors in November 2023 after working for 10 years to develop this project.

Year-round programming will include: • Horticulture classes for all ages • Garden lecture series • Hosting School groups • Activities for Children with special needs • Intergenerational activities – such as grandparent/grandchild event • Indoor and outdoor events: Pumpkin Patch, Mother’s Day planting • Holiday plant shows, such as winter train show and spring plant exhibit • Small events - Children’s birthday parties, Senior citizen events.

This initiative will enhance the development of Hudson Park, New Rochelle and Long Island Sound’s coastline for the enjoyment and benefit of New Rochelle’s children and community. We will provide a tremendous resource to the community. Greenhouse visitors will learn about horticulture, propagation, nutrition, and they will experience beauty.

Hudson Park is the first municipal park of the City of New Rochelle, located on Long Island Sound in the south end of New Rochelle, Hudson Park features a nearby marina and has a public beach and a recently restored and historic band-shell. Generations of New Rochelle’s children grew up enjoying the beach and the park on a daily basis

Project Location

The new greenhouse is conveniently located in the corner of the Wildcliff parcel, adjacent to the parking lot and behind the bandshell.

This is an aerial view of the new Hudson Park Children's Greenhouse.

Project Description

Our committee created a new greenhouse in Hudson Park, New Rochelle, NY. The vision of the HPCG committee is to develop and provide environmental education with an emphasis on horticulture, ecology, gardening and agriculture.

This is the floor plan for the new greenhouses on the Wildcliff parcel.

Review the Project Bid Set HERE

Community Support

We are proud to be supported in our efforts by community members from every corner of the diverse city of New Rochelle as well as Mayor Noam Bramson, who has offered both his encouragement and substantive support by the city. New Rochelleans of all ages and backgrounds have expressed enthusiasm for this project, and inquiries grow weekly.

Project Status

The Greenhouses are open and operational!


Our intention is that Hudson Park Children's Greenhouse will be a sustainable operation. We will generate funds by:

  • Annual fundraising gala
  • Hosting children’s birthday parties and small private events
  • Annual plant sales
  • Pumpkin patch event
  • Summer and vacation gardening camps for children
  • Art and photography classes

We plan on promoting urban agriculture to encourage healthy lifestyle for students; we will create a school-based curriculum modeled after Edible Schoolyard NYC, the Green Bronx Machine and the Science Barge. The emphasis will be on science, nutrition and gardening. We envision that our programming will take place on-site and within school buildings.